Ubuntu-Shruti Orchestra

An exciting new professional training orchestra of young, empowered musicians and distinguished mentors creating inspired music and programming focused on immigrants, community and education through music.

Ubuntu-Shruti made its first appearances at 

New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace 2011

African-American Music - A Place of Sanctuary Tippett, A Child of Our Time

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

New Year’s Eve Concert for Peace 2010

Mass in Time of a Drone War

Haydn, Mass in Time of War

Kuss, Doina for Cello and Orchestra

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The Vision

  1. Creating access for New York City immigrant communities to classical music and opera

  2. High-level training and mentoring for young musicians entering in the profession to experience the highest international levels of music-making

  3. An orchestral paradigm that take its energies from the principles of chamber music, of leadership from every single chair whether in from of the back, of sectional accountability and mutual empowerment

  4. Creating a public forum for musicians and music to contribute to the most pressing issues in our local and global communities

  5. Hosting an El Sistema-inspired music education and empowerment program in New York City focused on children in low-income immigrant and other NYC communities

Components of the Orchestra

  1. Professional training orchestra of recent US conservatory graduates and mentors

  2. Mentoring by senior artists in the New York Philharmonic, MET Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, etc.

  3. Opera in languages of the immigrant diaspora in New York City

  4. Community youth music education and empowerment

  5. Each program will be contained within a calendar week with a  very full schedule of rehearsals and concerts.

  6. Commitment to the full season is a requirement. 

  7. The orchestra provides a fellowship of not less than $300 per program.

“To care about the other is not just altruistic, it is the best form of self-interest”     ~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu

UBUNTU - An African concept signifying profound human interdependence, literally expressed as “I am because you are” in Swahili.

SHRUTI - A Sanskrit term referring to the entire body of sacred Hindu literature, which represents “cosmic truth revealed in sound.” Also a tone or key.

UBUNTU-SHRUTI - An orchestra that seeks to express and practice the “cosmic truth of ‘human interconnectedness’ revealed in musical sound” in New York City, which is a microcosm of the diversity of humanity, perhaps more than any city anywhere.